Our belief at CosmicTM is this: Beauty with out substance is vanity.  We have 3 main focuses at Cosmic TM Pageants 1)                

Imagine a world where education is avalible to everyone... what a great world that would be.  It  takes time but already Cosmic Pageants has spent almost 2 decades empowering others theough literacy.  Our models are the "roles models" and ambassadors for change, that is why we tell our Supermodels and Models...

​"Show us Your Wings"  

Our Vision

Joshua Martin 

Years of experience: 15

Expertise: ecommerce Web design

Our Staff



Model Competitions

Our Strength

Front end

We have one of the largest international group of Directors bringing the finest models together to promote them in their careers and empower women.   We gather the talent in one place and create opportunity ...                    


We seek judges that are relevant to modeling and acting careers of our models this is a competition not your run of the mill "Beauty Pageant"  we believe all women are beautiful but our objective is to get women work ...

Back end

We gather talent and then teach and continuously  enrich our models with experience building opportunities. This is not just a one week event but a full year of opportunity  and exposure...


Melisa Feifer

Years of experience: 15

Expertise: Social media integration

Amanda Sibeso Wamunyima

Years of experience: 10

Expertise: Video Intergratition

​Amanda Vanderheiden

Years of experience: 5

Expertise: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)